ICare Study Survey in Round 3

Dr Richard Ayah

The International assessment of Covid-19 related attitudes, concerns, responses and impacts in relation to public health policies ( iCARE) Study is an ongoing, multi-wave international study of public awareness, attitudes, concerns, and behavioural responses to public health policies implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as well as the multidimensional impacts of the pandemic on people around the world.

The study is a global research collaboration of more than 150 researchers in more than 140 countries !

As countries start to come out of lockdown and start to reopen their economies, it is critical to understand what policies and communication strategies will be needed to enhance peoples adherence to continued physical/social distancing and other measures to prevent or minimize future waves of the pandemic. Kenya has announced an easing of lockdown measures and the President has noted Covid-19 measures implemented by African countries has slowed the spread of the virus.

However it is recognised that behaviour change is critical to success of preventing spread of Covid-19. The iCare study is now conducting the third survey. Every month, respondents around the world are asked to fill out the survey. The results enable researchers to follow the evolution of COVID-19’s effects on communities worldwide, and therefore inform policy.

Please complete and share Survey 3www.mbmc-cmcm.ca/covid19.(#survey 3)

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Dr Richard Ayah

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